Mindfulness-Based Counselling for a healthy home and work lifestyle.

Our modern, fast-paced lifestyle has left many people feeling stressed and anxious. It’s very common for people to experience daily life struggles or work-related challenges that might seem too much to handle. If not addressed correctly, these challenges can not only make you more inefficient but can also disrupt your long-term capabilities by lowering your productivity levels to a poor level.

Counselling takes care of your mental health and emotional day-to-day well-being with a resulting increase in personal awareness. The goal is to engage with you in making healthy lifestyle choices by providing the tools, resources, and knowledge to create a healthy and stress-free environment while providing a talking space where you can vent out regarding your challenges.

When is Personal or Workplace Counselling Needed?

There are many different occasions where counselling sessions might be needed. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll just focus on four for now.

The first occasion is performance counselling. If you notice you are regularly having inconsistent performance issues, or if someone else notices this about you, counselling can help you find out the reasons behind it.

Second, behavioural counselling can benefit and help you to maintain proper work ethics and etiquette. These can be issues surrounding employee absenteeism, unknown anger issues, regular arguments, etc.

Third is personal counselling. Oftentimes you may be disturbed by personal issues. These can be related to family, friends, or other relationships, etc, and can have a strong impact on your overall performance and workplace attitude.

The fourth occasion is general stress or anxiety management. This is very popular among executives and leaders with a lot of responsibility. With regular competition and deadlines comes a lot of added stress in the workplace. Ultimately, this stress will negatively impact your morale and overall health too.

Counselling Benefits for Individuals, Families, and Executives


Work-life balance is essential so that you do not suffer from unhealthy stress and burnout. The balance helps one become more motivated and productive


By getting to know your struggles, we can develop and suggest custom strategies necessary to successfully address challenges and make it easy to manage and overcome them.



The counselling process is all about providing an independent sounding board for you to speak or vent and get solutions to your challenges and develop better ways to manage issues.


By understanding the deepest levels of your strengths, motivations, internal conflicts, anxieties, and self-limiting beliefs, you are then able to unlock your self-awareness.

Individual Adult Therapy

Each week I support individuals experiencing anxiety, stress, and low mood. In addition, I work with more specific, chronic or complex issues such as trauma, grief, alcohol dependence, disordered eating, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, and personality-based problems.

Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

More and more we are finding that children and adolescents are needing support to navigate their way through this challenging stage of life. In particular, kids seem to be struggling with anxiety, low mood, emotional regulation, high school transition, peer relationships, and identity.

In supporting children and their families we know that ‘the best intervention is prevention’, which means we recommend seeking support for your parenting, or for your child, when you first notice that they might be experiencing difficulties.

Relationship and Couples Counselling

Satisfying relationships are central to good mental health and often they are right at the center of our own mental health issues, influencing how we feel about ourselves, and how we feel about others in our world.

If you are feeling socially isolated or experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your partner or others, I can work with you individually, or as a couple to develop a deeper understanding of your relationships.

Private COUNSELLING for Individuals

Many people are discovering how beneficial the right counselling approach can be for overcoming struggles and challenges. Likewise, from an employer perspective, creating a workplace full of mentally strong, healthy individuals who work well together is a path to business success. Being able to offer counseling services individually and through your company means tailored services and counseling strategies to help through unique challenges. 



Providing psychological therapy can have many benefits. Counselling can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve mental health, lower levels of sickness, and increase job satisfaction and commitment. It provides an effective method of understanding the pressure caused by stress and offers a supportive remedy.


Counselling can take place in person, either at your office or mine or online, or by telephone. No conversation is off-topic and I encourage frank discussions for you to truly heal and grow.


Yes! I operate independently for both individuals and companies I serve. This autonomy and the location of the offices away from the worksite (or online), help ensure our commitment to confidentiality. We are governed by a Professional Code of Ethics. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our program. I will never share private information with your employer, family, or friends

The only times I am required to pass on information if your file is subpoenaed by a court of law, you disclose a criminal offense, you express an intention to harm yourself or another person, or if a child is at risk.


Work Issues:

Problems with performance.
Relationships between co-workers.
Bullying and harassment.
Managing conflict and anger management.
Adjusting to change in the workplace.
Career change.
Managing work-related stress.

Personal Issues:

Anxiety or depression.
Stress management.
Grief and loss.
Midlife and life transition issues.
Emotional or physical abuse.
Low self-esteem.
Substance abuse.
Gambling problems.
Anger management.

Family Issues:

Work-life balance.
Concerns about children.
Relationship issues.
Parenting and step-parenting issues.
Separation and divorce.
Financial or legal problems.
Domestic violence.


21 DAY CHALLENGE: Short practices designed for those with busy schedules

MBSR GUIDED RECORDINGS: Longer, more intensive practices forming part of the MBSR curriculum

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